What is meant by Group?


"A collection of individuals whose existence as a collection is rewarding to them" (Bass, 1960)

"Set of individuals who share a common fate, that os, who are interdependent in the sense that an event which affects one member is likely to effect all" (Fielder,1967)

"Two or more persons who interact with one another in such a manner that each person influences and is influenced by each other person" (Shaw, 1981)


General characteristics:

  1. Groups are different from the simple sum of the attributes of the individual members
  2. Group behaviour and performance cannot be understood by simply understanding the individuals’ behaviour and performance
  3. The influence of the group may lead to many behaviours that the individual might not exhibit alone (e.g. Individuals might be outstanding in group situations and not when performing alone) 


Specific Characteristics:

  1. Collective identity
  2. Sense of shared purpose or goals
  3. Structured modes of communication
  4. Personal or task interdependence
  5. Interpersonal attraction