What is Team Building?

“Team building is an attempt to promote an increased sense of unity and cohesiveness and enable the team to function together more smoothly and effectively” (Newman, 1984)

“An attempt to improve group performance by improving communication, reducing conflict, and generating commitment among work group members” (Bettenhausen, 1991)

“Team building involves interventions that purport to enhance team performance by positively affecting team processes or team synergy” (Hardy & Crace, 1997)

“A method of helping the group to: (a) increase effectiveness; (b) satisfy the needs of its members or (c) improve work conditions” (Brawley & Paskevich, 1997)


Successfull Team

        Sven-Goran Eriksson

  1. Members of the team must have a common vision
  2. Members should have a clear understanding of the team’s goals
  3. Members must have a good understanding of team’s strategies and tactics
  4. Members must have ‘inner discipline’
  5. Successful teams must have players who compliment each other
  6. Effective teams require a division of roles (which should be respected equally by the coach)
  7. Players in successful teams must learn to put the common good before their own interests
  8. Members of a successful team must accept collective responsibility and think ‘we’ instead of ‘me’